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Overall objectives of the Proactin Project

The Proactin Project has the main objective to further strengthen the implementation of the internal market acquis requirements in the Beneficiary Countries through the active involvement of Postal Operators (POs) and stakeholders in the wider postal industry, the Large Scale Enterprises (LSEs), the local business clusters and the Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

With the result of the Project, the BC POs will be able to:

Description of the Proactin Project:

  1. Activity Group 1: General Planning ,Promotion ,coordination ,control and Reporting
  2. Activity Group 2: Training Workshop
    The training workshops will be organized with the support of EU training technical experts with appropriate teaching tools/material, class distribution and gathering of specific informative activity questionnaires for PSC assessment.
  3. Activity Group 3:Dissemination and final information gathering
    Case studies discussions, internal national seminars for each POs ("trainers train the trainees"), good practices collection, national dissemination campaigns in all BCs, final information gathering from Target Groups ,1 final conference in Brussels.